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The Single Greatest Flat-Abs Exercise You’re Not Doing

It's time to ditch the foam mats and head to the cable cross.


My Dad’s Having an Affair. Should I Confront Him?

That and other pressing questions for Best Life's resident psychologist.

Rising Star Alex Russell Talks SWAT, Telekinesis, and Surviving the Australian Outback

The actor who is about to be everywhere.

gwyneth paltrow, celebrities not like us

The 50 Craziest Celebrity Quirks

All of the reasons why stars are definitely not like us.

joe gebbia billionaires under 40

The 14 Youngest Billionaires in America

These entrepreneurs and heirs are all under 40.

David Schwimmer

I Met David Schwimmer. Men Can Learn a Lot From the Way He Respects Women.

One male celebrity proves it’s possible for a man in power to be a class act.

gift for someone over 40

40 Great Gift Ideas For People Over 40

Surefire ways to surprise your friend who already has everything.

benefits of wine

80 Amazing Benefits of Wine

Never feel guilty for reaching for a glass. (Or two.)

lovers at a cafe

The Countries with the Best And Worst Lovers

Some nationalities are better in the sack—according to this survey.


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